Soundability Studios

~ love to play ~

Since 2005, Soundability has been working with learners of all ages to achieve their musical goals, whether they are a particular song, piece, performance or an exam level. 

We provide meaningful and practical music learning experiences and help people express themselves when words are not enough to process events in their lives

Since each student is unique the music educator will have design a uniquely customized student-led program for them. In every program we build and grow to include components that match our values: 

 - Music literacy drives musical independence, both on and off the page. 

 - Practicing using Adaptive Musical Learning and Teaching Applications (AMLTAs) increases motivation to achieve musical independence.

 - Developing strong and mutually respectful relationships between the student and the teacher is a key component to student success.

 - Learning to play using music that the student loves and feels a connection to is a driving force in emotional and cognitive development.

 - Multi-instrumentalism is optional yet encouraged. We especially encourage use of the voice in learning any other instrument.

 - Self-accompaniment is a form of musical independence that promotes emotional wellness, confidence and coordination.